School of Clinical Research

PhD in Clinical Research (60 Credits)

PhD in Clinical Research (60 credits) specially designed program to provide theoretical and practical training in coordinating clinical trials and clinical research efforts. Our advanced Blended Learning System provides you with the flexibility and support to study anytime, anywhere to balance work, life and study.


Block Subject
I Types of study designs
II Research question, Objectives and endpoints in clinical research
III Clinical trial operation
Capstone Project
IV Computer Aided Drug Designing, and Good clinical practice
V Clinical research related documents and data management
VI Drug discovery, clinical trial(definition, phases), Evidence-based medicine
Capstone Project
VII Ethics of clinical research in special population
VIII Applied biostatistics
IX Designing a protocol
Research Work
X & XI Regulatory agencies - USFDA, EMEA, DCG (I) and Scientific communication
Research Work
XII & XIII Research Work
XIV & XV Research Work
XVI & XVII Research Work
XVIII Research Work

Total Credits : 60

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Abdirahman Hassan

I believe that TAU online program is the best course i have seen. PhD in Clinical Research program seems to me well structured program.