School of Nursing

Masters in Nursing after completing BSN (BSN to MSN)

Master Degree Program in Nursing is specifically designed for graduates of Bachelor of Nursing degree to enhance their already acquired nursing knowledge and skills to further their career prospects. This program offers a unique and flexible method of study with various specializations.


Block Subject
I Health Education
II Nursing Informatics
III Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice
Capstone Project
IV Research in Nursing
V Public Health Nursing
VI Advanced health Assessment 
Guide Identification & approval
Capstone Project
VII Elective (Theory paper � any 1 ) 
Research Proposal
VIII Elective (Practical paper) any 1
IX Research Work

Total Credits: 41

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You can apply online: Fill the application form with all the relevant information and our Enrollment Advisor will call you for more details.


It will take about four to six weeks from the application deadline to take a decision on your application. Once a decision has been made you will be notified by e-mail.


No. We conduct the proctored Examinations including viva-voice.


The areas of specialization for the Masters in Nursing include Diabetes Nursing, General Nursing, Nurse Educator, Psychiatric Nursing, Nursing Leadership & Administration and Gerontology Nursing.


Yes. At the time of application, you need to submit a copy of your RN license.

What Texila Means to Our Students !

Helen Philemon David

The pattern of the school program is impressive, especially the contextual and capstone projects, it makes me read wide to understand more of the treated topics. my coordinator is wonderful. thanks to Texila American University.