Master of Engineering- Software Engineering

Today businesses and institutions require leaders with expertise in software development, assessment, and management who can also harness team leadership and superior communication skills to achieve organizational goals.

Software engineers use an understanding of computer science, design, engineering, management, mathematics and psychology to enable team production of large software systems. To combine mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge with creativity to tackle large-scale software design and development projects.

The students will have the opportunity to work closely with IT professionals in a year-long industry project, as well as building the essential team work skills required to implement and operate software engineering solutions in industry.


Block Subject
I Computer Organization and Architecture
II Internet and Web Technologies
III Advanced Operating System and System Software
  Capstone Project I (Block: I, II, III)
IV Algorithms and Object Oriented Concepts
V Programming Language and Data Structures
VI Advanced Database
  Capstone Project II (Block: IV, V, VI)
VII Software Engineering
VIII Software Reliability and Testing
IX Software Development Tools and Methods
  Capstone Project III (Block: VII, VIII, IX)
X Information Security Engineering
XI Data Ware House and Data Mining
XII Project

Total Credits : 60

After successful program completion, students will be able to:

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