School of Information Technology

Masters in Information Technology

With the world's growing dependence on information systems, qualified professionals are needed to perform a wide range of IT-related jobs including development of new software and applications, maintaining networks, ensuring information security, and overseeing major technology implementations. With a Masters degree in IT, you can gain in-demand skills that make you more valuable in today's job marketplace.


Block Subjects
I IT Management
II .net based Enterprise
III Algorithm and Program Development using C
Capstone Project (Block: I, II, III)
IV Operating System
V Object Oriented Software Development using C++
VI Algorithm Analysis and Data Structures
Capstone Project Report (Block: IV, V, VI)
VII Design and Development of Databases
VIII Software Engineering Practices
IX Advanced Computer Networks
X Capstone Project Report (Block: VII, VIII, IX)
XI Elective 1
Elective 2
XII Project work

Total Credits: 60

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As I am doing my Master Degree in Computer Science they help me in all the ways possible. I am happy for my studies.