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Place yourself in the higher pedestal of Business Leadership with a doctoral program in Management. The program helps you to upgrade your decision-making and leadership skills, expand your awareness of both theory and applied research, and gain relevant experience to get rapid growth in your career. Specializations focus on the latest research, theories, and trends influencing business.

Note: Any bachelors degree + PG Diploma from a recognized university with subjects related to Management or Any Masers Degree from a recognized university with subjects related to the Management can purse the Integrated PhD in Management for 4 years.


You can apply online: Fill the application form with all the relevant information and our Enrollment Advisor will call you for more details.
It will take about four to six weeks from the application deadline to take a decision on your application. Once a decision has been made you will be notified by e-mail.
No. We conduct the proctored Examinations including viva-voice.
PhD in Management program is designed primarily to prepare students for academic careers in research and teaching at schools of management or other divisions of major colleges and universities. Our graduates will be prepared for positions in prestigious organizations where academic research is highly valued.
Students should identify their own Co-Guide and get approved by the University. The University will also support the students by providing a Guide.

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Since,I enrolled at TAU I have already gained a lot of experience TAU treat its students with respect and dignity in such a way that one would like to further his studies there

School of Business & Management

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