School of Public Health

PhD in Public Health (96 Credits)

The primary mission of the doctoral program in Public Health is to provide scholars with the necessary disciplinary background and skills required to safeguard, plan, maintain and improve the public's health by making an impactful contribution. The course prepares students to design action plans towards the protection, prevention and promotion of the health of communities and populations.


Block Subject
I Public Health Research Methods
II Environmental Concepts in Public Health
III Health Economics and Health Financing
Capstone Project (Block: I, II, III)
IV Principles and Applied Epidemiology
V Social and Behavioural Sciences
VI Applied Biostatistics
Capstone Project (Block: IV, V, VI)
VII Public Health Management
VIII Population and Family Health
Guide Identification for the Research Work
IX Emerging infectious and Chronic Diseases
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Proposal Submission
  • Article Review 1
  • Article Review 2
  • Course Wiki

Term Report 1

  • 2 publication
  • Synopsis
  • Final Thesis report

Total Credits : 96

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