School of Public Health

PhD in Health Education

Public health professionals need to be appropriately trained to respond positively to the various community health problems. Through training and acquisition of relevant knowledge and skills in a multidisciplinary manner, public health professionals are made to understand ways to identify and approach issues affecting populations, be able to develop appropriate strategies for resolving them, and monitor effective implementation.


Block Subject
I Philosophy and Ethics Health Education
II Global Health Care Scenario and Healthcare Programs
III Health Communication
Capstone Project
IV Reading and Analyzing Health Education Research
V Issues and related researches in Health Education
VI Health Education and Academia
Capstone Project
VII Advanced Theoretical & Scientific Basis of Health Education & Promotion
VIII Role and Responsibilities of a Health Educator
IX Concepts of Social Marketing
Research Methodology
X Research Work
XI Research Work
XII & XIII Research Work
XIV & XV Research Work
XVI & XVII Research Work
XVIII Research Work

Total Credits : 70

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