School of Behavioural Science

Ph.D in Guidance & Counseling Psychology

PhD in Guidance & Counselling Psychology tailors the blend of psychology courses, general education courses, minor and co-curricular activities. Students will develop ethically and socially responsible behaviours for professional and personal settings in a landscape that involves increasing diversity.


Block Subject
I Advanced Psychopathology and Mental Hygiene Part II
II Advanced Psycho-Diagnostics Part I
III Advanced Psycho-Diagnostics Part II
Capstone Project
IV Advanced Testing and Assessment
V Research Methodology
VI Advanced Psychopathology and Mental Hygiene Part I
Capstone Project
VII Behavioural Counselling
VIII Micro-Skills in Counselling and Guidance
IX Professional Counselling and Guidance 
Research Work
X & XI 2 Article reviews on Psycho-Therapy and Behavior Technology
Research Work
XII & XIII Research Work
XIV & XV Research Work
XVI & XVII Research Work
XVIII Research Work

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