School of Behavioural Science

M. Sc Counseling Psychology

This exciting program is meant for those who want to explore several career paths in Psychology and research. The program allows students to work in applied psychology and help patients recover from emotional, social, developmental, health-related ailments through accurate assessment of personality and cognitive functionality, appropriate counseling and application of various therapeutic techniques.

The course offers wide ranging job opportunities in colleges, universities, community health centres, medical centres, family services, health maintenance organizations, business and industrial organizations, counseling firms, research units in addition to own practice.


Block Subject
I Advanced Theories of Personality
II Psychopathology and Mental Health -I
III Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Capstone Project
IV Introduction to Counseling Psychology
V Assessment in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
VI Advanced Abnormal Psychology
Capstone Project
VII Introduction to Psychotherapy 
Project work - Guide identification
VIII Research Methodology
Research Proposal Preparation
IX Ethical & Professional issues in Clinical & Counseling 
Research Proposal submission
X Counselling Skills and Process
XI Counselling with Special groups 
Term Report Submission
XII Final Report submission with Viva

Total Credits : 50

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