School of Behavioural Science

M.Sc Clinical Psychology

TAU offers Masters in Clinical Psychology as a specialization which prepares students to integrate scientific principles, human behavioural patterns and clinical results to assess and treat mental illness and behavioural problems of men and women. The program prepares professionals who can promote mental well-being of people at large.

The program allows students to gain in-depth knowledge in Abnormal Psychology, Theories of Personality, Principles of Human Behaviours, Various Models of Psychopathology and and hands-on training in Application of Diagnostic Techniques, Psychological Test and various Therapeutic techniques.


Block Subject
I Advanced Theories of Personality
II Psychopathology and Mental Health -I
III Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Capstone Project
IV Clinical Neuropsychology
V Assessment in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
VI Advanced Abnormal Psychology
Capstone Project
VII Introduction to Psychotheraphy 
Project work - Guide identification
VIII Research Methodology
Research Proposal Preparation
IX Ethical & Professional issues in Clinical & Counseling 
Research Proposal submission
X Clinical Psychology Practicum
XI Child and Adolescent- Clinical Neuropsychology 
Term Report Submission
XII Final Report submission with Viva

Total Credits : 50

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